When Instagram released it’s new slideshow feature, I instantly saw an opportunity to create something special for my clients. So, after some brainstorming and a couple glasses of wine, I set out on a mission to learn how to create a seamless panorama.

My first thought was to bring my images into Photoshop, but I wondered if it was possible to replicate the technique in Canva. Canva, is an online, graphic design program, that allows users to create beautiful marketing pieces using pre-made templates or their own imagination. And because Canva has free and paid versions, anyone can use it. I use the professional version, which allows me to brand my designs with custom colors, fonts and logos.

After a few hours of trial and error, I found a way to create a seamless Instagram panorama using my Android phone and Canva. I used Canva on my desktop but the Ipad app works just as well to create the main graphic. Unfortunately, Instagram still does not have an Ipad app so you will still have to use your phone to create the mini images and upload them to Instagram.

So lets get started :

If you do not already have Canva go here and sign yourself up. You’ll thank me later.

In order to create a panorama we need crop our selected image to a 3 x 1 ratio. To do that in Canva we first need to create a new design by choosing “Use Custom Dimensions” in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard.

The 3 x 1 ratio allows us to further crop the image into 3 squares that fit perfectly into Instagram. Again, this can be done a bit quicker in Photoshop, but not everyone has Photoshop. If you use an app that allows you to crop your images to a custom ratio please let us know in the comments. I tried several different methods for this before landing on Canva.

Anyway, here are the dimension I used that maintain a 3 x 1 ratio as well as the image quality.

Once you have your design opened you can upload your preferred image or choose one of the many stock photos Canva offers. They carry both free and paid images, and the paid ones are only $1 for a single use!

I chose a landscape image for the purpose of this tutorial because I knew it would maintain it’s subject after the crop. When choosing your image, or taking images for this purpose, make sure your subject is far enough away that they aren’t compromised by the crop. *Trust me, I’ve made the mistakes for you.

Once you have your image in place you can continue to add design elements, like text or an arrow to indicate there is more to see. As of this post Instagram does not have a very noticable indicator that the image is part of a slideshow.

After you have finished your design, download it in .JPG format and send it back to your phone through email, Dropbox or Icloud.

Once you have your image saved to your gallery you will need to crop and save it in three pieces using the 1x1 ratio in your phones crop tool. Using the Samsung Galaxy 7, the crop function automatically places the tool in the dead center, so I saved that image first and went back to save the first and last sections by simply moving the tool all the way to the left and right.

Finally, after saving the three square cropped versions of your image you are ready to upload them to your Instagram using the slideshow feature. Choose the order you want your images to appear and after clicking next you can check them to make sure they are in order.

There you have it folks, a simple way to elevate your brand using Canva to create a seamless panorama. Here’s an example of a seamless panorama I created using this exact method and adding some branded text.

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