Vanessa Cassani is a health and food enthusiast, whose blog, Live Simply Natural, focuses is on whole body wellness through whole foods plant-based eating.

I have known Vanessa for a couple years now, and in that short time, she has become one of my favorite people. Her enthusiasm, positivity, and passion for her purpose inspire me every day. When she mentioned she wanted to update the personal branding imagery on her blog I jumped at the chance to photograph her.

We knew we wanted to highlight, not only her vibrant personality but also the vibrant ingredients that she uses in her whole foods recipes, so we drove into town to a local farmers market. We did a little shooting and a little shopping.

Gathering ingredients for her next delicious recipe.

Vanessa created Live Simply Natural with one main focus, making whole body wellness easy and accessible to the everyday family.  In addition to being meat and dairy-free, her recipes and posts focus on a more natural and simplistic way of living, using ingredients that are easily found and incorporated into your cooking routine. Not only does she create amazingly healthy and tasty recipes for her readership but she also homeschool’s her son Raheem and daughter Aliyah. WOW.

Strawberries at the farmer market are a steal!

“Health has always been a major focus in my life but it wasn’t until I really started to look at what I was eating that my whole world started to shift. Remembering my struggle, I’m now dedicated to bringing an even greater awareness to health and natural living by sharing my journey with the world.”

A personal branding shoot is a great way to show your audience the real you. So often, as business owners, we get so caught up with our image being “professional” and “put together” that we forget that our clients want to connect with us on a genuine level. Personal Branding Photography allows you to show off your personality while still keeping it connected to the passion you have for what you’ve created. Personal Branding Photography builds trust and creates the connection your clients crave.

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