Personal Brand Photography for Laura Bytheway, Post-Narc Coach in Houston, Texas.

April 25, 2022 Client feature

personal branding photography for Laura Bytheway

Working with Laura has been such a special experience. Since this session, I've had the opportunity to work on more projects with her and I can't tell you how cool she is. First of all, she's a life coach, but not just any kind of life coach. She's a coach for survivors of narcissistic abuse. And if you know anyone who has ever had to endure a narcissist, or if you have, you know exactly how special she is and how much good she's doing in the world.

In-studio lifestyle brand session

Laura came to me as a client of Haley from Mac Ryan Creative, who you may also know as my creative director. That's the beauty of building working relationships with people who serve the same clients as you do. It's such a mutually beneficial relationship for so many reasons.

As the lead on this session, Haley brought me all the inspiration and shot list she wanted to capture. She rented a local studio with multiple settings and we made sure to get a variety of images that would work across her website and social media.

Building better brands

One of the things I love about Laura's brand is that it's positive and hopeful. The topics she deals with can be heavy at times but her message is one of optimism and looking to the future you're creating as you heal. I love that.

lifestyle brand photography

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