Personal Branding Photography For Laura Miranda In Houston, Texas

December 20, 2019 Client feature, Photography

Personal Branding for Houston Real Estate Agent

In Houston, Tx real estate is big business. We have one of the most robust housing markets in the country, and as a result the real estate industry is highly saturated. As with any saturated market, standing out from the crowd is vital and there's no better way to do that than to invest in your personal brand. Building a strong, vibrant personal brand as a real estate agent is key to differentiating yourself and creating customer loyalty.

Local Real Estate Agent Laura Miranda has a been a loyal client of mine going on 3 years and in that time her status as one of the youngest, highest paid agents has not gone unnoticed. Laura has a reputation for putting her clients first and meeting them on every project with warmth and positivity that creates a lasting impression.

For her third personal branding session we were able to secure a fully staged model home in Houston's illustrious Rice Village neighborhood. For this set we wanted to showcase her warmth, her professionalism and her eye for detail in creating the perfect environment for her clients.

Personal Branding Houston Real Estate Agent Laura Miranda
Personal Brand Photography Houston Realtor Laura Miranda
Personal Brand Photography Houston Realtor Laura Miranda

Reading Requirements

Laura's eye for detail when it comes to selling her client's homes is unbeatable. Not only does she go over every aspect of the home with a fine tooth comb, but she makes sure that everything the client needs and wants is present in their contracts. She advocates for her clients every step of the way.

A place to call home

Buying or selling a home is no easy endeavor. With inspections, repairs, renovations and redecorating, it can be completely overwhelming for many. As a real estate agent, Laura strives to make her client experience as seamless as possible. She has a treasure trove of contacts in her arsenal to make sure all the major aspects of the process are handled seamlessly.

Trust in the process

As a personal branding photographer it's my job to showcase Laura's personality as well as her depth of knowledge in the process. With that in mind I wanted to ensure that I was capturing her in action and getting some strong posed shots for her to use throughout her web presence. Photographing Laura is always a delight because she trusts her vendors, myself included.



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