Personal Brand Photography For Sarah Leonardo in Houston, Texas.

June 29, 2020 Client feature, Photography

Personal Branding Photography Session for Sarah Leonardo

This photo session with Sarah was such a blast. Sarah is one of those people who you feel instantly calm around and I loved working with her on this shoot to bring her coaching brand to life. Sarah is a life coach who provides tools and strategies to high-achieving men after prostate cancer to regain energy, reduce stress and burnout. Her work is much needed in the world and she's out here doing amazing things for the men in our lives who are recovering from prostate cancer.

An outdoor session with a twist

One of the challenges of any shoot is location scouting and ensuring that all the aspects of a brand can be brought to life with a few key locations. For Sarah, who wanted to have a wellness and lifestyle vibe as well as a more professional setting we chose to shoot at Eleanor Tinsley Park in Houston, Texas off the Allen Parkway. This park is amazing in that it provides one of the most beautiful views of the Houston skyline and is just minutes from Downtown Houston. After about half an hour in the park shooting her wellness set, we popped over to Market Square Park in town and shot her more professional set.

A note about wardrobe

For Sarah's shoot we discussed what kind of colors would best fit with her brand identity. We settled on colors in her brand family for her wellness set, as well as a more neutral blazer for her professional set. The great thing about the pieces she chose is not only how well they represent the vibe she was going for in each scene, but also how well they work with her brand colors. This is what I recommend to all my clients so that their imagery pairs well with the branding on their website. She rocked it!