Creating Consistent Branding with Personal Branding Photography

Creating a consistent brand message just got easier with personal branding photography.

Ask anyone what the key aspect of good branding is and they will tell you that it’s consistency. Whether you’re talking about posting to your social media regularly or using imagery that is undeniably YOU, the main point is to keep it consistent so that your clients and customers come to rely on you for your stability in their lives.

The first step towards creating a consistent brand message is to be clear about what your brand represents. When you know exactly what your brand’s core values are it will make it easier to translate that into every area of your marketing, especially your imagery. Everything from the colors of your brand, to its overall theme, can be incorporated in to your images.

The next step after honing your message is to create a marketing plan for your imagery that is intentional and “on brand.” If you are a health and wellness professional and your brand is centered around a holistic approach to wellness, you might incorporate yoga or nature into your imagery.

Vanessa Cassini

When is that last time you changed your social media profile pictures? Did you know that Facebook publishes your profile picture to your entire audience without the need for boosting it? Pretty cool, right?

Another good practice in keeping your branding consistent across social media is to use the same image on all of your platforms. If you’re publishing creative and unique content across several platforms, people will want to follow you everywhere. But if you have different imagery on each, they might not realize it’s the same person who is giving them all this awesome content. When you maintain your brand across platforms, your clients will instantly recognize your image and connect the dots that you are the one adding so much value to their social media time.

If you’re wary about changing your image too often, you might consider updating your profile pictures every quarter. Having several professional personal branding images to use in this way us key. When clients ask me how they will use so many images of themselves this is my favorite tip for them.

Changing your profile image regularly will help you stay top-of-mind with your audience.

Your website is another great place to use your personal branding photography, and why not? When you are your own brand, it makes sense to promote yourself and your image across your website.

When planning your personal branding photography shoot, it helps to think about how those images will be displayed on your website.

If you want to use them as blog or page headers, make sure to have plenty of horizontal or “landscape” images to choose from. There should be plenty of negative space on either side of you so that you can add text.

Vertical images work great inside blog posts and in the main areas of your pages.

By far, the best way to use your personal branding photography to create consistency throughout your marketing is to use them in your promotional materials. When you use images that are already a recognizable part of your brand on social media and your website, it creates a sense of familiarity within your clients. Familiarity translates into trust.

Choosing the right personal branding photography session is key to having enough quality imagery to use across all your marketing points. When you have plenty of images to choose from, you don’t have to worry about over-using one or two images. When they all come from the same session, they will be consistent in their style, providing you with imagery that is recognizable as well as unique.

Don’t let your brand suffer from a confusing and inconsistant message.


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