Through the art of creating stunning, world-class photography, and the vision to empower innovation and confidence, I created Victoria Garcia Studios, a photo studio in Houston, TX, dedicated to elevating the art of brand imagery.

Hi! I’m Victoria.

As a classically trained portrait artisit, with over 15 years of photographic mastery, it was a unique joy to discover my love of entrepreneurship and the people who come with it.

During the creation of my first portrait studio, Luna Negra Photos, I met a host of fascinating people. Authors, graphic designers, lawyers turned business coaches, bloggers, and the list goes on. These bold, forward-thinking, industry leaders were my people. But they all had the same problem.

Their brand photography wasn’t on par with the brand they were creating and they didn’t know where to go for brand photography beyond a headshot.

That’s when I decided to create Victoria Garcia Studios and give Houston’s thriving entrepreneur community the type of imagery that matched the vision they held for their brands.

Victoria Garcia Studios

Houston Texas Based Commercial Photographer Specializing In Personal Branding and Lifestyle Photography For Women-Owned Businesses